About Us

Meet the team of awesome creatives behind the company.

Born in Italy, passing from London throughout UK and the main site of European countries, we develop our business worldwide thanks to an important background in stands segment and a consolidated partnerships with all the major companies of the sector.

We offer a wide range of solutions and we are able to assist our customers during every part of the event:

  • High quality draftsman, architects, and 3D graphic designers to satisfy any kind of request
  • High professionals and versatile team of builders to quickly set up turn-key solutions made by wood, aluminum, glass, and equipped with advanced technological systems
  • Artists, sculptors, set designers able to operate with materials such as polystyrene and polyester
  • Displays, interactive monitors, TV touch screen, antigravity exhibitors, for sale or hire
  • Supply of each type of media suitable for receiving digital printing, PVC, drapery, Alucobond, flocking, foils etc…
  • Collaboration with design / engineering studios for prototypes creations and patents request
  • Project Mangers and Site Managers with high level of problem solving and 24/7 assistance
  • Logistics Service and great synergy with some of the best transport companies worldwide

A sample Caption

Following periodically cornershops installations located in prestigious UK department store, such as House Of Fraser, Fenwick’s and Harrods, we daily operate with success throughout the most important cities of the country, providing high – quality service and prompt responses.